Dugout Boat launch postponed

Brendan O’Sullivan

Making a start on the Dugout boat.
Making a start on the Dugout boat.

The planned launch of a Dugout Boat by Bonane Heritage Park at Kenmare pier has been postponed until the autumn in light of the Covid 19 restrictions. Details of the new launch date will be posted when circumstances allow.

Bonane Heritage Park with the support of South Kerry Development Partnership and Kerry County Council, undertook this unique experimental archaeology project of constructing a Dugout Boat using ancient methods.

The project was co-ordinated and supervised by archaeologist, Dr. Niall Gregory a specialist in this area, over the summer of 2019. Starting with an oak tree trunk, regular visitors to the Park were amazed to see it transformed into a usable boat over the summer using only the most primitive hand-crafted tools such as axes and adzes. Full details of the project may be viewed on Bonane Heritage Park website www.bonaneheritagepark.com.

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